Welcome to WFOV 92.1 LPFM

Flint Odyssey House Inc's


WFOV 92.1 fm is a partnership between Flint Odyssey House, and Spectacle Productions, this partnership will be launching WFOV 1st quarter of 2016. WFOV's ten mile range will cover Flint and it’s edges.

“...Be the change you want to see!...”

WFOV plans to provide everyone regardless of their point of view, access to Flint’s population via WFOV’s “Public Access Radio” programs, to include live broadcasts of government meetings, School Board meetings and Flint Odyssey House Inc's "Recovery Radio." Radio time will be made available to residents interested in connecting with the Flint community. individuals, organization, even clubs and groups will be encouraged to participate on WFOV Flint's Our Voices Radio.

“Even the smallest voice amplified

has strength! Be Heard”

Underwriters & Sponsors are needed to make this dream a reality! Our business plan uses a combination of public support, franchise fee’s, sponsorships, underwriting and municipal support to sustain and grow this project.
There is more to the story of Flint and it residents than we are led to believe! WFOV will share those stories, and encourage you to share yours as well. If you know of someone that could be a positive influence interested in a radio show? WFOV’s for them. Groups organization and clubs will take advantage of sharing what they have to offer and encouraging ‘Citizen” participations in WFOV 92.1FM OUR VOICES RADIO FLINT.