Rates & Fees

Time Slots : 0:28,0:58,1:28, 1:58, 2:28, 2:58, 3:28, 3:58, 4:28


DAILY SLOTS: 0.46¢ Per minute


WEEKLY SLOTS: 0.921¢ Per minute


MONTHLY/MEETINGS: $1.84 - Per minute


STUDIO RENTALS: $20 & up per hour

Need a space to shoot/record your show. No worries we got you!

WFOV Studio space is available for just that!


REMOTE KIT RENTALS: $10 & up per use

Certified volunteers have access to our portable studio’s. It allows for three day loans for the production of WFOV programming.


CLASSES & TRAININGS: $5-& up per session

New to broadcasting, we’ll help you along. In house courses will provide the training required to man the boards, create a show and sweetening, but most importantly the trainings Certify you to borrow stuff!


Studio Tech :$20 & up

Need help pushing the buttons. No problem let our tech handle it.


Underwriters : $200 & up


Sponsors : $5 & up